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Mouthwatering meals that look as good as they taste!

Regardless of your dietary requirements, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at H.A.L.O 2 U in Townsville.

Soups, salads & lunch ideas

Switch your regular lunchbox for a healthy alternative, with one of our calorie-conscious meals below.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared by our team of talented chefs.

  • Chicken & avocado salad
    $9.50 sml $10.50 Large
    Julienne veg, spring onions, mixed leaves topped with avocado & chicken. Gluten free, diabetic friendly.
  • Chicken Caesar salad
    $9.50 sml $10.50 Large
    Cos lettuce, tender chicken, bacon, parmesan. egg and our creamy caesar dressing. Gluten Free
  • Cornbeef fritters
    $7.50 (GF available on request)
    Two fritters loaded with cornbeef and vegetables great for lunch
  • Ham, crumbed fish or chicken salad box
    $9.00 small $10.00 large (GF)* Crumbed fish .50c extra
    Choose from Ham, chicken or crumbed fish and served with lettuce, beetroot, cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion
  • Lamb greek salad
    $10.50 Large $9.50 small
    Tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta, red onion, on a bed of mixed salad leaves with roast lamb.
  • Pumpkin & feta risotto cakes
    Vegetarian, gluten free & diabetic friendly these tasty savory cakes are creamy and satisfying
  • Quiche
    $7.50 no salad $9.50 with side salad*
  • Rice paper rolls
    $7.00(chicken) $7.50 (salmon & prawn)
    (choose from chicken, prawn and salmon) loaded with salad and served with Vietnamese dipping sauce
  • Thai pumpkin soup
    $4.15 small $5.40 large
    Fragrant Thai spiced pumpkin soup. Gluten free & diabetic friendly.
  • Tomato and basil soup
    $4.15 sml $5.40 Large
    Rich tomato with a heady basil influence. Gluten free & diabetic friendly.

* Indicates meals that are diabetic friendly

Meals can have mash or sweet potato     Family meals do not include vegetables

Treat yourself to a guilt-free feast this evening! Our menu favourites are something to get excited about—vegetarian, gluten-free and diabetic-friendly dishes available on demand.

  • Omelette
    $4.50 .60c per filling (GF)*
    (choose from, ham, cheese, onion, mushroom, spinach, tomato)
  • Baked potato
    $10.50 Coleslaw $9.50 No slaw
    Baked potato with ham, cheese, spring onion, can be served with coleslaw
  • Curried sausages with rice
    $10.50 Large $8.50 Sml
    Made with Keens curry and not too hot
  • Rissoles with vegetables & gravy
    $10.50 Large $8.50 small $16.50 family (Veg not included in family size)
    Home made just like Mum's. Diabetic friendly & Gluten free on request
  • Roast of the day (chicken, lamb or pork)
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    Your choice of meat served with roasted potato, pumpkin, vegetables and gravy. Diabetic friendly & Gluten free on request
  • Corned beef veg, mash & mustard sauce
    $10.50 Large $8.50 small (GF)*
    Slow cooked and tender served with cabbage, carrots and cauliflower. Gluten Free & diabetic friendly on request
  • Salmon fish cakes with vegetables
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    Made with Tasmanian Salmon, capers, dill and spring onion, these are a family favorite. Gluten free and serve with garden vegetables
  • Beef lasagne
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    So so good with tasty beef and creamy béchamel sauce. Gluten free
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
    $11.50 Large 9.50 small (GF on request)
    Home made with a good tomato base and loaded with hidden vegetables. diabetic friendly & Gluten free on request

* Indicates meals that are diabetic friendly

Meals can have mash or sweet potato     Family meals do not include vegetables

Sweet Things

  • Muffins
    Our generous sized muffins are packed with fruit
  • Orange poppy seed cake
    Light and fluffy with a good citrus twist
  • Apple crumble
    Dutch spiced apple with a diabetic friendly twist.
  • Passion coconut pudding
    A tropical delight.

Spoil your tastebuds to a delicious after-dinner dessert that doesn’t cost you your health. Our low-fat, low-sugar sweets are the perfect evening treat after a long day. Menu updated weekly.

Our chefs are well known throughout Townsville for rustling up some of the best meals in town. From gluten-free salads and pastas, to diabetic friendly soups and roast dinners, you’re bound to find something to tantalise your tastebuds on our menu!

Check out our extensive range of delicious dishes, perfect for that healthy lunchtime snack or fuss-free evening dinner. We also serve up a selection of weekly specials—click here to check out this week’s healthy favourites

Pre-order is required for all meals.

Want to personalise your meal with your favourite ingredients? Call our kitchen team to discuss your requirements over the phone.

H.A.L.O 2 U is happy to provide a local delivery service to customers throughout the Townsville area. This is available Monday to Friday between the hours of 2:30pm – 6:30pm, Delivery fee is $3.50. Pre-order required.

* Indicates meals that are diabetic friendly

Meals can have mash or sweet potato     Family meals do not include vegetables