H.A.L.O 2 U | Townsville | Takeaway Food | Weekly Specials
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Weekly Specials

Healthy, nutritional meals, for every day of the week!

Providing you with delicious, guilt-free dishes is our number one priority at H.A.L.O 2 U.

This Week’s Specials

There really is something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to this week’s specials.

Speak to our friendly kitchen team to personalise your meal to your exact dietary requirements.

  • Curried chicken (Rice or Vegetables)
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    Gluten free on request, suitable for diabetics
  • Chicken Parmigania
    $12.50 Large $10.50 small (GF)*
    Gluten free & diabetic friendly on request
  • Seafood marinara with spaghetti
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    Gluten free & diabetic friendly on request
  • Cottage pie with vegetables
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    Gluten free & diabetic friendly on request
  • Pickled pork with white sauce
    $11.50 Large $9.50 small
    Gluten free & diabetic friendly on request

Our Townsville cafe and takeaway food is specially prepared by experienced chefs that know exactly what it takes to tantalise your tastebuds. From aromatic spices and sauces, to succulent meats, fish and vegetables, we guarantee our meals will have you asking for seconds!

In addition to our regular menu, we provide a unique selection of weekly favourites to ensure you always get to try something different.
Browse through our delicious range of special dishes, suitable for gluten-free and diabetic diets.

This menu is updated weekly, so if there’s something that tickles your fancy be quick before it disappears!